Studio Z’s instructors lead Hatha yoga classes, incorporating postures/movement, breath, and relaxation/meditation.  They work to make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone.

If you are coming to the studio for the first time, please arrive ten minutes early to sign a waiver and give the instructor time to meet you and familiarize you with Studio Z.  Please be sure to mention any injuries or limitations to your instructor before class.

  • Yoga Mix: Moderate. Our core class, Yoga Mix is a mixed-level, flowing, Hatha vinyasa yoga class focused on balancing strength with flexibility. Fun and creative combinations are centered around heat-building Sun Salutations. Our focus is on balancing effort with ease through breath and mindfulness.  Modifications are provided to make this class appropriate for students of any level! Come for the sweat, stay for the bliss!
  • Yoga Basics: Mellow. The perfect class for beginners or anyone looking to revisit the basics of yoga.  This class will focus on basic, foundational poses with attention to alignment, breath, and other details of a healthy yoga practice.  Don’t worry, NOT being flexible is why you need this class!
  • Yoga Strength: Moderate/Strong. A well-rounded hour of powerful yet accessible poses and sequences to build strength in your upper body, core, and legs, paired with complementary poses to create flexibility in the tight spots. Added bonuses: breath awareness and sweat. All levels welcome!
  • Open Meditation Group: Emily Guenther hosts an open meditation group. These meditations are zazen-style: sitting in silence and observing thoughts without judgment. These open, free sessions are held Wednesdays from 7:30 – 8:10am and Sundays from 9:10-9:40am. On Sunday, beginning meditators have the option of coming at 9am for some basic instruction. A donation will be requested to help cover the cost of meditation seating.  If you would like to come to a session, please e-mail Emily at
  • Bikyasa Hot Yoga: (on hiatus) Strong. A hybrid of vinyasa flow and Bikram hot yoga designed by Gabriel Azoulay, this intense class offers a consistent experience using the same sequence of poses each time, making the class accessible to beginners and challenging for advanced practitioners.  The sequence provides not only a complete workout but also a scientific approach to revitalizing the entire body. The room will be heated to 90 degrees and the practice will balance silence with the fun of modern popular music.  Bring a large towel and water!
  • Restorative Yoga: (offered occasionally) Mellow. Relax and revitalize with this class, which uses slower movements and supported poses with longer holds to passively open the body and release deeply. Reset your mind, body, and spirit for a new week!
  • Candlelight Yoga: (offered occasionally) Super Mellow. A restorative, meditative class focusing on breath and relaxation.